Learning from Our Ancestors

Welcome to Echoes of Ancestors, where the echoes from past generations resonate today and shape the future, guiding every journey that begins with intention.

Are you ready to embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery, and to harness this wisdom to help others as well?

To reconnect with ancient wisdom through sacred ceremonies and timeless rituals, learning how to apply these traditions to your own growth and to enrich your work with clients?

Immerse yourself in the ancestral traditions of Anahuak, passed down through generations, as Grandfather Juan and his daughter Ruby share their profound knowledge with you.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore through nine distinct workshops, experience four transformative ceremonies, and integrate all these teachings with various tools for both personal and professional enrichment.

Embrace the call and allow us to guide you on a path of profound transformation, deepening your learning and understanding.

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Probably it's not mere coincidence.


Giulia & Nico

Giulia and Nico are two of the visionary founders behind the Lunita Jungle Retreat Center, a sanctuary dedicated to fostering profound transformations through ancestral wisdom and ceremonies. With a background in hosting retreats, they bring a wealth of experience to every event, ensuring participants receive a deeply enriching experience.

Their creativity isn't just limited to organizing; both are accomplished photographers, capturing the essence of their retreats and the stunning natural beauty of their surroundings.

At the core of Giulia and Nico's work is their dedication to fostering connections between individuals and shamanic figures, including medicine men and women. They focus on facilitating deep, meaningful engagements with these spiritual guides.

Their goal is to help others experience and conduct ceremonies in their authentic, sacred forms. Together, they create a space where learning, healing, and creativity flourish amidst the lush greenery of the jungle.


Juan, 'El Indio'

Juan Manuel, the Grandfather of our Ancestral family, known as 'El Indio', he upholds the ancestral traditions of Anáhuak with deep respect and passion.
Born on the slopes of Iztaccihuatl, the 'sleeping woman,' Juan has devoted his life to preserving and sharing the worldview of our ancient peoples.
A warrior of the red path and a humble servant of great wisdom, Juan Manuel is a revered figure who channels energy through his work. He has led hundreds of ceremonies and rituals across various countries and numerous Mexican states, and is a skilled temazcalero and custodian of sacred medicines.
El Indio Juan brings mysticism, authenticity, and unforgettable magic to every workshop, enriching participants' understanding of Mexico's rich traditions and cultural heritage.
His leadership ensures that each session is not just educational, but a transformative journey into ancestral wisdom.


Rubi, esteemed as both a Sahumadora and prayer leader, plays a pivotal role in our ceremonies. In our tradition, the woman is revered as the bearer of the fire, tasked with preserving the harmony of the gathering.
Rubi fulfills this sacred duty by skillfully using copal, singing, and praying to maintain the ceremonial balance. Her support for Grandfather Juan during these rites is crucial, as it helps to stabilize and harmonize the energy within the space.
A custodian of our ancestral practices, Rubi is not only a guardian of our traditions but also an active promoter of our cultural heritage. Despite her youth, she carries the wisdom and spirit of a grandmother, embodying the traits of a medicine woman.
Her dedication and spiritual guidance make her an invaluable member of our community, inspiring both respect and admiration from those who participate in our ceremonies.


Lorraine, with her extensive background as a life coach, group facilitator and 1:1 therapist in clinical counselling for over 30 years, is instrumental in ensuring the safe and supportive environment necessary for exploring and sharing the true song of your soul during our ceremony debriefs. Her deep understanding of the healing process is rooted in the belief that true healing, or a return to wholeness, occurs when individuals reconnect with their deepest selves.

This cathartic journey involves awakening to one’s full potential, healing old wounds, and recognizing one’s intrinsic worthiness. Plant medicine serves as a powerful catalyst in this process, providing a profound shift from conventional perceptions of reality and opening the door to transformative change. It enables participants to envision new possibilities for themselves, a vision that is essential for the process of healing to occur.

To facilitate the integration process, Lorraine offers crucial support through both group Integration Circles and private sessions. Her role is to enable the translation of insights gained during the medicine journey and throughout the retreat into practical changes in daily life, guiding participants towards a fuller understanding and embodiment of their experiences. She practices within the framework of mindful, body-based somatic regulation and resilience oriented, trauma informed compassionate engagement.


Billie is a spiritual teacher and healer who has led thousands through transformative experiences, connecting the physical and spiritual realms. With her unique sensory abilities, she forges profound connections with both Earth and the Spirit World.
Overcoming early life struggles such as trauma and addiction, Billie found healing through yoga, meditation, and spirituality.
With decades of practice in Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, and BioTuning, Billie also serves as a Compassionate Inquiry Therapist, Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapist, Shamanic Life Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master, and Certified Psychedelic Guide. She honors diverse spiritual traditions, having studied with respected figures like Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, and Dr. Gabor Mate.
Her greatest lessons come from her children, nature, particularly the Grandmother Tree, and spiritual guides. Known for authentic, compassionate teaching, Billie integrates meditation with self-inquiry therapies, making ancient wisdom accessible and relevant.
She promotes growth in physical and spiritual selves, emphasizing interconnectedness with the universe. Billie's work inspires personal freedom and deeper self-understanding.

A Journey of Intention, Tradition, and Transformation


This retreat is for you if you feel the eager to delve into the ancestral wisdom of a Native Mexican tribe. It's an opportunity to unlock the profound significance behind an altar, gaining insights that can enrich your spiritual practice and understanding.

Whether you're drawn to ancient rituals, seeking to deepen your connection with nature, or eager to explore alternative healing modalities, this retreat offers a unique immersion into indigenous wisdom.

This retreat is for you if you're passionate about integrating diverse healing practices into your own life or sharing them with others. You'll have the chance to learn directly from the Anahuac culture, discovering potent techniques and traditions passed down through generations.

You'll explore a rich tapestry of healing modalities that can empower both yourself and those you seek to help.

This experience promises not only personal growth but also the opportunity to cultivate a deeper sense of purpose in your healing journey.

Experience the transformative power of ancient rituals firsthand through Temazcal and Peyote ceremony, facilitated with reverence and wisdom by Grandfather Juan.

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Experience the essence of our nine gatherings, connecting past, present and future!

Known as Nahui Ollin in the Mexica culture, derived from the Nahuatl words nahui (four) and ollin (movement), the quinqunce represents the four cardinal directions of existence.

Each cardinal point holds rich significance, symbolizing not only a part of our body but also aspects of our existence and elements of nature.

We’ll delve into the profound wisdom of the ancient Anahuac civilization, where symbolism and spirituality intertwine.

Central to their cosmology is the concept of the quinqunce—a geometric arrangement comprising four points forming a square, with a fifth element positioned at its center. sacred symbol invites us to explore the interconnectedness of all things and the harmonious balance between the earthly and the divine.

Once we grasp the profound significance of the cardinal points and their correlation with our existence, we’ll be able to learn and create together a sacred altar that honors and aligns with these cosmic forces.

Building a proper altar in accordance with the cardinal points becomes not only a physical act but also a spiritual practice—a tangible expression of our reverence for the interconnectedness of all things.

By consciously arranging our altar to reflect the energies of the North, South, East, and West and we honor the Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, we invite balance and harmony into our lives and our ceremonies.


The term “COPAL” originates from the Nahuatl word “Copalli,” which translates to resin. In ancient Mayan culture, copal was revered not merely as a substance but as a deity, known as the “White God.” This sacred resin held a profound significance, embodying purity and the divine connection between the earthly and the spiritual realms.

Copal is most famously used for its cleansing properties; when burned, it is believed to dispel negative energy and facilitate positive transformations. This practice imbues any space with a serene and loving energy, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony within the home. The ritual of burning copal continues to be a powerful tool in modern spiritual practices, connecting us to the ancient wisdom of the Mayans.

Among all the animal species that exist on planet Earth, birds hold a special energetic connection with some ancient cultures. This is why shamans and taitas (traditional healers) use feathers to perform energetic cleansings. These feathers have a spiritual link with the element of air and its forces, making them powerful tools in spiritual practices.

Shamans and taitas understand how to channel the energy of feathers to invoke the intervention of winged beings in human affairs through the cleansing ritual. Practitioners of this ritual assert that it is an effective way to extract deep-seated beliefs that people carry from childhood, which often are the root causes of ailments and diseases.

In the traditions of Anahuac, the cardinal points are more than just directions on a compass; they are deeply embedded with spiritual significance and cultural heritage. Each direction is associated with specific elements, colors, and deities, forming a fundamental aspect of the cosmology and ritual practices of the people. These associations are used to invoke protection, blessings, and guidance during various ceremonies and daily life, connecting the physical realm with the spiritual. Each point holds its own power and meaning, guiding the community in both spiritual matters and everyday decisions.



In our Food Blessing Workshop, participants delve into the sacred act of consuming food with mindfulness and reverence. This workshop is designed to teach the spiritual significance of food in nurturing not only the body but also the soul. By blessing our food, we acknowledge its origin, the labor that brought it to our table, and the life it sustains. This practice fosters a deeper connection with the natural world and promotes gratitude for the abundant gifts it provides.

Our Nights of Stories and Legends is a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of Mayan and Anahuac cultures. This special evenings are dedicated to reviving the ancient traditions and folklore of these remarkable civilizations. You’ll be invited to gather under the stars, at our firecamo, where the air is filled with the magic of age-old tales that have been passed down through generations. These stories, steeped in mythology and history, explore themes of creation, adventure, and the deep wisdom of the ancestors.

Our Breathwork is meticulously aligned with the Day of the Air Element, celebrating and harnessing the qualities of air through focused breathing techniques. This event emphasizes the vital role that air plays in sustaining life, highlighting its connections to mental clarity, communication, and spiritual inspiration. You’ll be taught how to use their breath to enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, exploring how this invisible force can be channeled to revitalize and balance the energy within.

The session is structured to allow you to experience the transformative power of breath. Guided by skilled instructor, participants learn various breathwork practices designed to increase oxygen intake, calm the mind, and deepen their connection to the air element.

Our therapist will not only facilitate our understanding of the ceremonies themselves but also equip us with invaluable tools to extend this integration process to our clients. Through purposeful group sessions, we’ll explore how to effectively integrate the insights gained from ceremonies into our own lives and, in turn, into the lives of those we serve.

These group integration sessions stand as the cornerstone of our retreat, providing a nurturing environment where participants can collectively process their experiences and hone their skills as facilitators of transformation. Led by our therapist, these sessions will foster open dialogue, reflection, and skill-building, empowering each individual to become adept at guiding clients through their own integration journeys. Together, we embark on a journey of growth and learning, enriching both our personal and professional lives as we deepen our understanding of the profound impact of ceremonial experiences.

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Immerse yourself in the enchantment of those mystical rituals, crafted in the ancient way.

Under the guidance of Grandfather Juan, our journey begins with a Blessing from the space. A sacred ritual to open our hearts and align our intentions with the profound experience ahead.

We’ll honor the elements and seek permission and blessings from the spirits that dwell within the embrace of Lunita, the sacred space we inhabit for our retreat. We’ll open ourselves to the powerful energies that surround us, inviting them to infuse our journey with wisdom, healing, and guidance. As we stand at the threshold of this sacred portal, we recognize the importance of grounding ourselves in gratitude and respect, acknowledging our interconnectedness with all beings and the natural world. Guided by Grandfather Juan’s wisdom and the collective intention of our group, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth, trusting in the transformative power of the sacred rituals and ceremonies that lie ahead.​

In the indigenous Náhuatl language, Temazcalli means “house of steam”.

It is an ancestral ceremony practiced by ancient civilizations throughout Central & North America, including the Maya, Aztecs & Toltecs. The purpose is therapeutic healing  to relieve stress, aches and injuries, cure skin or respiratory disease and also during childbirth.

The Temazcal represents the Womb of Mother Earth, the maternal womb representing the source of life & return to the origins. The concept of rebirth is linked to that of connection with the “Madre Tierra”, who will absorb all the negative energies from the body and mind in our thoughts, breath and sweat. These emotions, thoughts and particles are then positively renewed and harnessed by the Earth to  grow and nurture new forms of life.​

Led by Grandfather Juan’s wisdom and the sacred teachings of the Hikuri ceremony, we journey inward, awakening to the truth of our interconnectedness and the boundless potential of our souls.

As we gather in reverence, Grandfather Juan leads us in honoring the traditions and wisdom of the indigenous Huichol people, who have long revered the sacred Peyote cactus as a gateway to the divine. With hearts open and intentions pure, we prepare to embark on a sacred pilgrimage of the soul.

Participation in the ceremony is deeply rooted in intentionality. Grandfather Juan emphasizes the importance of having a clear reason for seeking the guidance of the grandfather peyote. Whether it be for personal healing, spiritual growth, or clarity of mind, each participant is encouraged to articulate their intentions with sincerity and humility. Under Grandfather Juan’s guidance, we connect with Hikuri’s spirit, forming a sacred alliance with plant medicine. This bond unlocks the ceremony’s transformative potential, guiding us toward profound insights and spiritual awakening.

At the end of the retreat we’ll have a plant a tree ceremony. 

The tree that grows, that sinks its roots into the ground, that carries its foliage towards the sky, that changes shape and color with the seasons is a symbol of birth, rebirth, life and death.

Planting a tree is a metaphor for life and the experience lived in the jungle.

It is a way to give back to Pachamama part of her energy, a way to be grateful for her space and energy, which is always an essential part in the transformation of each participant.

In the same time is a way to keep our energy to the place and create a beautiful circle.

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Beyond the immersive rituals and spiritual journeys, we emphasize the vital process of integration.

Integration is the bridge between the profound insights gained during our ceremonies and their application in daily life.

It's a sacred space where the lessons learned and the wisdom received are woven into the fabric of your being, guiding you on your path long after you leave our sanctuary.

Our dedicated integration sessions and experienced facilitator provide the tools and environment necessary for deep reflection, growth, and lasting change.

- One to one and Group session
- Art Therapy and Sound Healing
- Guided meditation & Journaling

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- 5 nights/6 days accommodation at Lunita Jungle Experience, in a shared rooms with private bathroom & Garden

- Healthy meals prepared by our chef ( Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

- Coffee and Tea station available all day

- Temazcal Ceremony

- Cenote visit

- Peyote Ceremony

- Daily workshops & tools for your own next ceremonies

- Presence of our experienced therapists

- Group integration after the ceremony

- Welcome Kit

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Remember, this is not just a financial transaction; it is a profound investment in yourselfand in helping others.

By choosing to engage in this experience, you are committing to prioritize your well-being, expand your knowledge, and harness the transformative power available to you. This opportunity transcends monetary value, offering a pathway to personal growth and community support.

It invites you on an introspective journey where you can cultivate mindfulness, reconnect with your inner wisdom, and achieve clarity and purpose in a more conscious way.

This experience equips you with new tools for your retreat, healing and ceremonies, further enhancing your ability to nurture your spirit and enrich your life and your community.

Embrace this chance to transform, and watch as your world unfolds in new and exciting ways.

Until the 1st of June

Our early bird ticket, offers a special opportunity for you to join us at:

3.090 USD

After the 1st of June

As the early bird window closes:

3.390 USD


We're eager to get to know you better and share all the details about our enchanting retreat! Could we schedule a call to connect with you, introduce ourselves, and address any questions you may have about the experience? Please let us know a convenient time for you, and we'll make it happen!


We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions or want more details about our magical retreat, just drop us a message using our contact form. Our team is here to help and will make sure to give you a personalized response as soon as possible. We’re excited to connect with you and share more about this incredible experience!

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